Anders Celsius Anders Celsius
27 November 1701 -
25 April 1744

The inventor of the Celsius temperature scale, Anders Celsius, was born in 1744 in Sweden. His father, Nils Celsius, was an astronomy professor, and his grandfather, Magnus Celsius, was a mathematician. Anders decided to pursue a career in science, and studied at Uppsala University in Sweden, where he became a professor of astronomy in 1730. In 1741, Anders Celsius founded the Uppsala Astronomical Observatory.

In 1742, Anders Celsius proposed a new temperature scale, which was named after him short thereafter. Anders Celsius was the first to define and publish a truly scientific definition of an international temperature scale. He was also the first to determine the dependence of the boiling point of water with atmospheric pressure. Celsius published his observations in an article named "Observations of two persistent degrees on a thermometer".

Celsius’ original scale was in reverse to the scale we are using today, putting the boiling point of water at zero degrees, and the freezing point of water at 100 degrees. His scale was reversed by Carl Linnaeus in 1745, a year after his death. Carl named the new scale after its original inventor, Anders Celsius.